About Us

Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety (TiPS), is a non-partisan  consortium of California voters and business interests.  Together, we seek to improve public safety through smart, meaningful, and cost-effective measures which maximize the use of taxpayer dollars.

Blindly increasing punishment has passed the point of diminished returns.  TiPS  believes prevention, intervention, rehabilitation and opportunity ought to be a principal consideration in determining the best public safety policy for California.

Through a 3-pronged approach, TiPS seeks to improve public safety by addressing the developmental needs of children, the healing needs of victims, and the rehabilitative needs of inmates who qualify, thru:

  • uniting like-minded individuals into a powerful political force
  • supporting Victims Foundation
  • investing in intervention & prevention programs for youth

By addressing the health, welfare, and public safety needs of the child, the victim, and the offender, we can altogether create a new generational dynamic of improved public safety.

Executive Board of Directors


  • Matt Gray, Sacramento Lobbyist, Advocacy & Consulting government relations
  • David Warren, Sacramento Lobbyist, Advocacy & Consulting government relations

All mail should be directed to:
c/o Advocacy & Consulting
1017 L Street, Suite 225
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-447-6937
Email: info@forpublicsafety.com